Herzog - Guitar Effect
Photo above shows a vintage Herzog atop a '69 Garnet BTO with 4x12 cab.
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A Brief History


"Gar" Gillies' Herzog®

Guitar Effect

The following is by guitarist Randy Bachman, formerly of The Guess Who and Bachman, Turner, Overdrive. He was the inspiration behind Gar's development of The Herzog. Indeed the original runs of these units were called "Randy Bachman's Herzog"

Click for a picture of a young Randy Bachman and his signature Garnet Herzog guitar effect.

Gar and I developed this unit together back in '65-'66. Growing up playing violin, I loved the sustain, especially of a viola or cello. So early on in the mid '60's, I found out that by plugging a small amplifier into a bigger amplifier, I could get this sound. Now I was taking the power out, which normally would go to the speaker and plugging it into the input of another amp. The result, for a few short minutes was a cool, great new sustained sound. Gar Gillies had a tv/radio repair shop, was a cool musician, and I wasn't embarrassed to take in my amps, which were literally burned by the power misuse; fried, to say the least. Gar asked what the heck I was doing, and when I told him, he said, you're insane to do this, its very dangerous. So he offered to help me do it a safer and less destructive way. Gar proceeded to build me a tube pre-amp, which when put into another amp, got me the desired sound. But not really, the sound was a little weird in a Fender amp which was all that was around, so Gar decided to get parts from Heathkit and build an amplifier to go with the unit. We were looking for a name, and at the time I was reading a book with HERZOG written across the cover. Hence the name, so we could stop referring to the unit as the "noise thing". I used to go to his shop on Osborne Ave late at night after gigs, and stay till the wee hours of the morning, making the most incredible Moose and Ox bellowing, distortion/blotto screeching sounds that would make us laugh. But once it was smoothed out, it was smooooth. So that became my lead guitar solo sound. It was first featured on The Guess Who CBC weekly show, Let's Go and Music Hop in 1967-68 but really came to the forefront as the sound of "No Time", "American Woman" and many other songs on the Guess Who albums, "Wheatfield Soul", "Canned Wheat", and "American Woman". I continued using it later on "Brave Belt I and II", and then on Bachman Turner Overdrive albums.
That's about the story. There is still no unit that sounds like it today. One that comes close is the SansAmp rackmount which has an actual setting called "American Woman". It's close.
John Johnson of Johnson Amps, Digitech and DOD, pedals and amps, told me that as a kid, he tried to make his own pedal to get the "American Woman" guitar sound and couldn't get it. However, the pedals he did make in trying to get that sound have gone on to sell hundreds of thousands for Digitech and DOD, but none got the American Woman sound.
Randy Bachman


"Gar" Gillies' Herzog®
The Legendary Effect Continues!

Ever since the late 60's when guitar tube amp legend "Gar" Gillies created this legendary effect others have tried to duplicate it. Sure they may have an "American Woman" setting but the real thing started right here. The Herzog connects like a typical stomp box but it retains all the components critical to vintage tube tone; a 12AX7 based pre-amp, a 6V6 based power section, and transformers specially chosen for just the right amount of sag and saturation. All of this in a small point to point wired head with cosmetics just like the classic original.

This is the combination that delivers the creamy overdrive and singing sustain that made American Woman Tone famous!

The latest edition of this legendary guitar effect, the "Gar" Gillies Herzog®, is a tribute to the man who invented it. The best materials, specially chosen parts and Baltic Birch cabinet make this the highest quality re-issue yet, while the original style Garnet logo and OEM Garnet knobs make it the most accurate ever.

The is a true Limited Edition. Only a handful are built each year!

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  Herzog - Guitar Effect
Herzog - Guitar Effect

Herzog - Guitar Effect  

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  • ALL TUBE - Uses One 12AX7 and One 6V6
  • Point to Point wired - just like vintage amps
  • Hand Assembled
  • Specially Chosen Transformers
  • Front Panel or Footswitch* Full Bypass
  • Baltic Birch Cabinet
  • Powder Coated Chassis
  • Tone Control
  • Original Garnet Logo & knobs

Vintage Tone - The Old Fashioned Way!

*Footswitch Not Included

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